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Our award-winning and emerging artists come from diverse backgrounds and are masters in different media: sculpture, ceramics, photography, painting and jewelry art.

Each piece of artwork has been chosen for its originality, aesthetics, meaning, value, and sensitivity to material.

The inspiration behind many of these beautiful works is rooted in the mythical world, establishing a connection to the profound realm outside of ordinary existence. Other works are inspired by the human being's search to discover his destiny and find meaning in today's world.

They show the courage, beauty, steadfastness and intention of the human being to peel away the external shell and reveal precious life. They are a source of vitality and direction and offer a counter statement to today's world, which speaks largely of chaos, violence and human weakness.

We are constantly adding new artists, so please stop back frequently or join our mailing list and we will inform you when new artists and works are added.

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